Dr. Clyde Reid

God has been moving in prison since I last gave you an update. He has added to the ministry team with one man already going “inside the fence” with me. There are also several men and women waiting on approval to go inside.

We had been praying for God to send laborers and open new prison ministry opportunities for us. It did not look as if God was moving because we did not see any new doors opening but, as usual, God had His own plan and time table.

Marty Albanese

The first new person God has added to the ministry team lives in Perry, Fla and the new prisons God has opened doors at Taylor CI, in Perry and Madison CI in Madison.

It seems God’s plan was to add to the team then open doors right in the new person’s back yard. Taylor CI is 5 minutes away from Marty’s home and Madison CI is only 30 minutes from his home.

Marty joined me at Columbia CI on Saturday 7/23/2016 and was well received by the men there. He will also be joining me at other prisons this month so we can get him setup to do this without me. That means I will be available to minister with ex-inmates in churches on the outside as Ralph Alfonso and I ministered at Bethel on Father’s Day.

God has also opened a door for Ralph to be with us for a service at Keystone First Assembly of God on Sunday 7/7/16 so please keep us in your prayers especially since Ralph has to drive over 2 hours each way to get here.

We did not have any women who had submitted a volunteer application until recently so we are now expecting God to open the door for us at Lowell CI which is the women’s prisons just outside of Ocala. Please keep these ladies in prayer and ask God to move on their behalf with the state.

With the new opportunities God has provided we are now ministering in 7 different prisons 9 times each month. In addition I have already been told we will be on the schedule at New River CI just outside of Starke as soon as it reopens in November.

I have been able to rearrange the ministry schedule so Marty and I can share the load and rotate ministry locations. That means no one will have a 14 hour day anymore and without having to give up any ministry time at any of the prisons.

As if God is not doing enough for us already I have some very exciting news to share with you. Something that happened just this past Monday.

I tried to contacted Kristi Overton Johnson of Champion’s Heart Ministries a couple of weeks ago and never received any kind of reply. I know she is a very busy lady so I had a note to myself to try and reach her again this past Monday. As I was about to call my phone rang and it was her on the other end.

It was great to speak to an old friend and come away with some wonderful news for the ministry.

I had the privilege to place the first copies of Kristi’s ministry publication, Victorious Living inside a few prisons and now Kristi is sending it into many Florida prisons with great results.

The wonderful thing is Kristi had been and still is ministering to children and young people through her “In His Wake” ministry which grew from her winning several World Championship water skiing titles. She is now sharing the things in her life that enabled her to be a champion as well as the things she struggled with and had to overcome in order to become and remain a champion with men “behind the fence”.

Through our association with Kristi we are now building relationships with ministries with greater resources and influence all over Florida that will be able to help us find housing, training and employment for men and women when they come out of prison.

Since Marty Albanese has come onboard we are now ministering in 6 different institutions 8 times each month and even though this is not a paid position with the State of Florida God is faithful to supply all of our needs as we do what He has called us to do.

Here is a general list of our ministry dates.
Please CLICK HERE for a complete calendar.

Florida State Prison West - 1st Thursday each month 9AM
Union Correctional Institution Work Camp - 2nd Sunday of each month 1:30PM
Florida State Prison West - 3rd Tuesday of each month 9AM
Madison Correctional Institution - 3rd Sunday of each month 1:30PM
Florida State Prison West - 4th Saturday of each month 9AM
Columbia Correctional Institution Annex - 4th Saturday of each month 1:30PM
Baker Re-entry Facility - 4th Saturday of each month 6PM*
Putnam Correctional Institution - 4th Sunday of each month 1PM
Suwanee Correctional Institution - 4th Sunday of each month 1:30PM**

*Starting in November Baker Re-Entry will be scheduled for 1:30 PM and Marty and I will rotate between Columbia and Baker.
** Starting in November Marty will be at Suwanee and I will be at Putnam on the 4th Sunday of each month.

Thank you for your support and we appreciate your prayers,
Drs. Clyde & Donna Reid

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