Melrose Church of God Mountain Assembly
March 28, 2012

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Evening Service

I am not sure about the order of these pictures except I know
all the kids sing before Mom & Dad and I preach last.

Donna Graham
This house is built on Amazing Grace

The family sings the chorus
Littleman just wasn't into it yet

Mom, Freida and Donna

Donna, Sharon and Dad
Littleman was still not motivated

Donna sang lead
for another song

The family sang the chorus
Littleman finally got it going

Sometimes, even if you're Dad
You just don't know what to do

Freida sang lead
For this song

The entire family joined in
to sing the chorus

Mom and Freida
Sang one together

Sharon sang lead
Why Me Lord?

The family joined in
one more time

In Time, On Time, Every Time
Little Man Sang The Lead

Looks like this song
got all of them excited

They actually let Dad
have time to sing one

Freida and Littleman
They were getting tired

Robert and Irene
Singing for The Lord

Robert Graham sang
Irene was praising God

I started off on the platform

Quite a few Scriptures to read
Praise verses from Psalms

Tonight's message
Praising God before the victory

It took them 3 days
to haul off the loot