Johnson Coummunity Church of God
March 11, 2012

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I should have all of them finished by Monday afternoon

Morning Service

Bro. John Grener
Lead singing for us

Sister Helen Matthews
A Powerful Woman of God

I Asked Her To Play The Piano
She Always Says Yes

Bro. Tony Pitt
Prayed For Requests

Donna Graham
She Kicked It Off For Her Family

The Whole Family Joined In
For The Chorus

Robert, Freida and Sharon
Always Ready To Sing Their Parts

This House Is Built
On Amazing Grace

Dad And Mom
Robert And Irene Graham

Robert, Freida and Sharon
Join In Again

In Time, On Time, Every Time
Little Man Sang The Lead

Connie Worships The Lord
Ushered Us Into His Presence

God Calls Us
To Do The Impossible

It's Not Impossible
If God Calls Us To Do It

The Natural Always Gives Way
To Jesus & The Supernatural

Mr Benny and Miss Helen
Our Best Friends

Evening Service

Freida Sang Lead
For The First Song

No Music Stand Available
Dad Lends A Hand

Time For The Chorus

Everyone Sings Their Part

Still No Music Stand
Dad Had To Hold The Songbook

Sharon Sang
Why Me Lord?

Donna Was Paitently(?) Waiting
To Backup Her Little Sister

Bro. Tony Pitt
Smiling Because He Loves The Lord

He Finally God Started
Talking About Puttin' On The New Coat

Tony & Tammy
Great Christians, Good Friends