Dr. Clyde Reid and his wife Dr. Donna Reid have attended Bethel Assembly of God in Interlachen, Florida since before my family's arrival in 2004.  They have both been good friends and fellow servants of the Lord with me here in the church.  It has been a personal joy to watch them respond and continue to grow under our ministry.   After being faithful to this church and ministry Clyde has once again responded to a strong desire to glorify Jesus through the ministry of preaching and teaching the Word.  As a Pastor of a congregation with many different levels of spiritual maturity, I take personal joy when someone under our ministry rises up and desires to fulfill the call of God in areas where God has opened doors.

I know our church will continue to benefit from their ministry, yet we look forward to sharing them with other churches that open the door to what God is doing in their lives.  I pray that you might find both Clyde and Donna the friend of ministry that we at Bethel have found them to be.  As their home church pastor, I can honestly recommend Clyde as a guest speaker for your congregation.

If I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to call my office.

Blessings in Christ
Pastor Michael McColley
Bethel Assembly of God
Interlachen, FL

Dr. Clyde Reid and Dr. Donna Reid joined our congregation in prayer every evening for an entire week before Brother Clyde ministered to us in the small community of Johnson, in Florida.  It was apparent from the messages he preached Brother Clyde had listened to and was sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is leading our church in a "Hunger for Holiness" and the message preached was exactly what our people needed to hear.  The hunger Bro. Clyde and Sis. Donna have for the Word of God and the Holy Spirit is infectious and apparent in their lives and ministry.

It is evident they seek God's anointing for their lives and ministry.  We intend to have them back again as soon as possible.  I am recommending them to many other Pastors I know as I would recommend their ministry to you.  If you have any questions concerning the Reid's please feel free to contact me.

Bro. Carley Pearson, Pastor
The Community Church of God
Johnson, Fla

In September 2011, my wife and I were on vacation in St. Augustine, FL, where we had the wonderful pleasure to meet Dr. Clyde and Dr. Donna Reid. As God would have it, we became fast friends, and spent time together in fellowship. Dr. Clyde asked if he could come to preach, and we invited them to come to Decatur, GA for our 6th Year Appreciation Service, on November 6th to minister to God's people, and share what God had placed upon Dr. Clyde's heart. We were also blessed to celebrate Dr. Clyde's birthday on the Sunday that he preached.

We were truly blessed twice.

First, as Dr. Donna came and taught us about intercessory prayer during our Sunday Bible School class. What a blessing she is. The class was very powerful and informative. I loved the way she got everybody "involved", through the interactive teaching. The people were truly blessed. And I know they will grow in their prayer lives as they apply what they learned through the teaching.

Second, Dr. Clyde.... What A Time! As the praise service ended and he got up to preach, the power God had filled the room so, that at first he had a hard time getting the words to come forth, because as he said, "When God steps in, there is no room left for me." And God had truly stepped in. The Spirit of the Lord had the sanctuary "hot" with His presence. The word that came forth..."Do You Truly Believe?" was powerful and convicting. The Lord truly used the Man of God to admonish and encourage God's people to hold forth the Word of God to the world, and compel people to come to Christ.

We were all blessed and encouraged by the word that was spoken over this ministry. We thank God for Dr. Clyde and Dr. Donna for how they blessed our church and especially our family.

To Clyde and Donna, we love you dearly. Thank you for being a blessing. May the Lord God Almighty continue to open doors to you for the ministry He has birthed in each of you. Praise God!

Father God, I pray that you will continue to bless and use these anointed vessels to the glory of the Kingdom. In Jesus' holy and righteous name, Amen.

Elder Gary E. Jordan - Pastor
1st Lady Min. Brenda P. Jordan
Spiritual Victory Through Christ Ministries
Decatur, GA 30034-3623

Bro. Clyde:

I am honored to serve the Lord Jesus in Interlachen, Florida. I believe without a doubt that I have found in you a dear brother in Christ who has a passion for the unity of those who are in Christ and for the salvation of those who are without Christ.

In our monthly prayer meetings, Prayer for Putnam, you and your wife have demonstrated a zeal for the Lord and His work in this community. I am confident that the Lord who has called you will open the doors of ministry for you in the future. I look forward to continuing to serve the Lord along side of you in the days to come.

Sincerely In Christ,

Bro. Tony

Pastor Tony Clubb
First Baptist Chrch
Interlachen, Fla